10 Meeting Tips for High-Performance Teams

There’s no top-secret formula to the way in which high-performance teams work but one thing’s for sure: they do their BEST with every single business objective that is thrown at them! So, what does each member of the team do in meetings that results in admirable success stories?

#1: Trust is the key
Did you know that trust amongst colleagues makes a HUGE difference in the team’s performance? So, in your next meeting, work on ways to build trust; communicate more openly, be more honest, have a genuine interest in everyone and learn to believe in their abilities.

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#2: Everyone’s equal
By treating each team member equally, this will eliminate any trepidation that often affects an individual’s productivity. Make it a point that everyone in the meeting is working towards one common goal – with nobody to please or impress but the clients!

#3: Be real!
This can’t be stressed enough: office politics and other issues often cause people to be fake with each other. If you stop trying to impress anyone, there will be no reason to be fake at all. Good impressions in the workplace can be superficial, so just keep it real in the meeting – it’s just you guys, anyways!

#4: #Respect
We see ‘#respect’ often thrown around on viral social media posts, about random people doing daily extraordinary feats – don’t you think your co-workers are doing the same every day at work? When you learn to appreciate everyone’s indispensable talents and skills, you will definitely grow to respect them more. Make this respect felt during meetings!

#5: Empower everyone!
When was the last time you felt so motivated to complete a team project just because everyone was in high spirits? Maybe you need to show some approval and encouragement for your teammates!

#6: Fear not
Fear not, for everyone is with you in whatever task you are doing – someone’s got your back all the way! Look out for each other and be supportive, rather than judging each move your colleagues make. This way, no one will feel embarrassed or nervous if they need to speak up during a meeting.

#7: Good-mannered communication
Good team communication is built on polite and friendly face-to-face interactions with your teammates. There is no faking this one. Sincere and true expressions shared during meetings make everyone feel understood and at ease.

#8: Celebrate every little thing
This will increase the team’s morale when everyone is happy with a small achievement. You know how those fist bumps and high-fives feel when a teammate scores at football? Well, the same applies in meetings; so, make everyone feel like a winner for every single triumph!

#9: Us against the world
Always think that tasks are better completed through group effort. It doesn’t matter if it’s an individual assignment – because in the end, all those tasks and individual efforts lead to one common team goal.

#10: Have fun
When the team can work using our tips, meetings will be much more enjoyable. Aside from having fun, our tips will also help to build your super team!

No matter how daunting tasks and objectives might seem, your team can conquer anything when you remain united – and don’t forget to trust and respect one another!

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Posted by Julie Tucker

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