10 Qualities of a Valuable Employee in Meetings

If the lifeblood of your business meetings runs on ideas, suggestions and solutions, you as an employee need to contribute more to your team’s cause.

However, it’s not always about what you know that advances the team – sometimes it’s your personal qualities!

Here are some ways to help you become more ‘infectious’ in team meetings:

Be ambitious
Sometimes it takes a wild and outrageous idea to make a breakthrough, especially in solving business problems but you need courage and ambition to voice out your thoughts. Whatever your colleagues might say or think, accept it. Your ambition only shows that you sincerely want to help the business.

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Be autonomous
As you go about your job, you will eventually mature to finish tasks efficiently on your own – and that’s what everyone in the office appreciates! You will earn extra brownie points if you continue to strive for self- improvement and seek to be more proactive. Soon enough you’ll begin to hear how well others think you are doing and how impressed they are with how you managed yourself and your resources!

Be humble
When the whole team starts to notice your efforts and achievements, it is important to keep your feet on the ground – but do not be too shy to accept credit that is due to you! Relish the glory, keep your head low and continue doing what you do best.

Be passionate
Keep the ‘fire’ burning throughout your tasks. When you naturally love what you do, your colleagues will see the spark in your eyes whenever you contribute ideas, suggestions or solutions.

Passionate employees also spend some extra time improving their skills and widening their job-related knowledge horizons.

Be reliable
The team appreciates a member they can always count on. You can show your reliability by showing up to work on time, beating the deadlines and having a positive attitude, accepting any challenge.

Be confident
Learn how to have faith in your abilities and talents and do not be afraid to share these assets with the team – this will help business projects to pull through and even result in positive outcomes! Never back down or shy away from challenges; consider them as opportunities to showcase your abilities.

Be honest
You can be the best performer in the team but it will not mean anything if you do not have integrity, authenticity and transparency. Being honest attracts trust from colleagues and clients as well.

Be creative
You and the whole business will prosper when you are willing to experiment and try new unprecedented methods to solve business problems. It will also help to eliminate redundancy in the office when you contribute new ideas.

Be eager
Keep your enthusiasm and upbeat energy flowing so that you can infect everyone with it. By being eager, alone you can make meetings more enjoyable and goal-driven.

Be communicative
Even if you do not always contribute new solutions, being able to communicate well in meetings ensures a smooth flow of discussion. Getting along with your co-workers also improves workplace relations and results in unified meetings.

Your co-workers might applaud you for your project contributions but they will appreciate you even more for a positive attitude that influences everyone to improve themselves. Contact &Meetings today on 0800 073 0499 and let your qualities shine through in our pleasant meeting rooms in London!

Posted by Sara Cano

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