INFOGRAPHIC: 10 ways to motivate employees

A lack of employee motivation – in meetings or simply at work in general – often leads to increased attrition.

To counter this issue and to stop your valued employees from jumping ship, take a look at the following tips:

10 ways to motivate employees

1. Pay attention individually
Fostering teamwork and encouraging camaraderie amongst employees does have its own advantages; but giving each employee your sole attention could mean MORE – it could make them feel truly appreciated.

2. Excite through advancement opportunities
Every employee aspires to climb the ranks. Motivate them to achieve their ambitions and offer them opportunities for advancement or improvement – give them room to grow within the company.

3. Set an example
Whether out on the field or in meeting rooms in London, business leaders must always set the tone for exemplary work ethics and values. Through displaying admirable traits and actions, employees will surely follow suit – creating a healthy culture of motivated people within the workplace.

4. Create a comfortable workplace
The working environment can affect employee mentality. Make your office a more comfortable and convenient place to work by adding pictures, artwork and inspirational quotes that can instigate motivation.

5. Make it social
Get together for some team building activities, social gatherings and other team-based activities to encourage everyone to be at ease with one another. By connecting employees, they tend to feel less like robots at work.

6. Be open
Allow employees to learn more about you and your business; this can encourage them to open up about themselves. This circle of trust can create collective motivation!

7. Support ideas
Motivate employees by making them feel that they belong. Be welcoming and appreciative when they share their ideas – this further motivates them to care more about their job role and the company in general.

8. Commend personal milestones and achievements
Celebrate employees’ birthdays, anniversaries, personal milestones and work achievements to make them feel that they have a special place in the company.

9. All work and more play
‘All work and no play’ should be a thing of the past! Give them more reasons to come to work by providing outside-of-work activities.

10. Create a tradition
Workplace celebrations should not be limited to Christmas parties. Develop unique traditions where you can show that you truly care for your employees – you can even let their families attend.

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy that can motivate every worker in one go! Treat each employee uniquely and encourage them to be the best that they can be! Call 0800 073 0499 for a venue worthy of your team building and motivational exercises.

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