10 Ways to Re-engage Employees in Meetings

Business and team meetings bring challenges of their own for any leader. You might be successful at gathering everyone around the table but how do you make sure that you keep all the participants engaged?

Try to make your meetings more enjoyable, creative and comfortable; time might pass by more quickly without anyone even noticing what they have achieved!

Here are a few ways to rekindle the productive sparks:

Make meetings feel more like team-building exercises
Organise meetings in a way that can foster more friendship amongst employees. This will help everyone to feel more comfortable, thus allowing them to speak more freely.

Business People Joining Hands

You can also set enjoyable activities in any part of the meeting so that employees will have more than just business projects or problems to get involved with.

Encourage employees to come out of their shell
When they are free from pressure, shy employees will be more inclined to express themselves. This can also create a positive culture in meetings where employees are not hindered or restricted by fear.

Encourage group collaboration
To assist production, get employees to work on special projects in groups. Group collaboration can build better connections and create bonds between the team members.

Give credit where it is due
Employees are more encouraged to participate when they are frequently praised or recognised for a job well done. The more they are appreciated, the more they seek approval – resulting in greater productivity.

Offer learning lessons or activities
You may not know it but your employees are hungry for self-improvement and new skills – they always seek to better themselves! To provide the team with new knowledge, you could invite guest speakers to further motivate and inspire them.

Business People Spread Out and Talking

Free environment for meetings
You can re-engage employees at meetings when they feel more relaxed, free and at ease. Conduct meetings in a pleasant environment whenever possible. Our meeting room in London experience will have everyone keen to make the meeting a success!

An Empty Meeting Room

Give feedback as well
Don’t make employees guess where they stand in the organisation. Give them constructive feedback as often as possible so that they know in which areas they need to improve.

Decisions are agreed by everyone
A great way to encourage employees in meetings, you should allow them to have a say about important business decisions. By letting them know that their opinions count, this will make the decision-making processes easier.

Include talks about benefits
Inform employees beforehand or during the meeting about the performance benefits. This could serve as a good reminder of the perks of working for the company or the rewards of achieving the team’s objective – further motivating them to do even better!

Business People Throwing Paper into the Air

Lastly, have fun at meetings!
Time to break the paradigm that meetings are tense, serious and uneasy; for they should be fun and enjoyable, while achieving something productive. Employees are inclined to become more engaged at meetings when the whole prospect is lot less daunting.

Posted by Julie Tucker

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