3 ways to eliminate meeting burnout

When the going gets tough in our daily professional lives, the last thing we need is another pointless meeting – where you will be forced to give your full attention and energy, even though you have nothing left in the mental or emotional tank.

When the day to day grind and endless responsibilities have already burned you out, will you even be able to weather the meeting storm?

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Start out positive
No leader in his right mind would wear his team members down even further after seeing how worn-out they already are. Consider the importance of imparting positive emotions to everyone right from the very start of the meeting – this might be just what the participants need right now.

Productive meetings are not about getting worked up over a business agenda. They should be about setting a positive vibe for everybody.

Designate an usher or an usherette
An usher’s tasks aren’t limited to showing someone in or guiding meeting participants to their seats. They can also cordially greet each participant as they arrive and introduce them to everyone before the meeting officially starts.

Offer refreshments

A complementary nibble is a goodwill gesture that will surely go down well! Some professional meeting room providers, such as &Meetings, offer refreshments and catering options upon request.

Spice up the atmosphere
Adding various elements to your meeting rooms can help dissipate blandness, creating a more welcoming ambiance. Artwork, decorations and colourful lighting can transform your meeting room – just make sure any additions are appropriate and relevant to the meeting.

Follow the schedule and agenda
Participants are best appeased when they can trust that the meeting will be started and finished on schedule. One of the biggest reasons why employees dread meetings so much is because they have a nasty habit of going on for hours. By sticking to the agenda, everyone will stay on track and this will help to avoid wasting any time or energy.

Positive check-in and check-out
Productive and effective meetings can be achieved by focusing on relationships first and the business agenda or issues a little later. ‘Positive check-in’ can be done by allowing meeting participants to share a personal or professional experience from the working week. The ‘positive check-out’ should encourage participants to point out the highlights of the meeting – this helps to end on a positive note!

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