4 key elements of a productive office & meeting rooms

Setting up the perfect office environment can make a huge difference to your business, as the right amenities can stimulate productivity. So too the layout of its meeting rooms.

4 Elements of a Productive Office Space

Here are 4 key elements of a productive office and collaboration conducive meeting room space:

1. Smart conference table and chair arrangements

Designing the office space is more than just aesthetics. A comfortable office layout can contribute to employee productivity, especially if you provide adequate space for brainstorming and collaboration. Some of the best seating arrangements for meeting rooms include U-shape, boardroom and theatre styles.

2. Open and closed working spaces

Open working spaces, such as meeting rooms, provide collaborative working environments where employees can not only meet socially, they can also work together. Affecting the productivity of employees, open spaces allow the workers to interact with their fellow colleagues. Although open spaces promote team work, employees also need their privacy (own office or cubicle) to focus on their individual workload. A mix of open and closed working spaces would offer the perfect solution.

3. Good lighting

The two most common office lighting scenarios are that either the lights are too dim or the lights are too bright. Good lighting encourages employee satisfaction and productivity. It enables them to have a better view of their work, changing their moods and eventually their behaviour. Whenever possible, natural lighting is best.

4. Smart equipment/amenities

Equipment or amenities such as a stable WiFi connection, projectors, printers and scanners can provide a better working experience, as this equipment can promote productivity.

A comfortable office environment is vital, impacting the working experience of employees. Companies should consider incorporating the above elements into their office space.

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Posted by Sara Cano


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