4 professional development questions to ask your team

Calling a meeting should not be about business alone. If the workload and time permits, it’s a good idea to gather everyone around just to establish and understand their progress – and not just job-related.

Try to take an interest in how your employees feel they are progressing in their professional development.

Get on a personal level by asking some REAL questions that matter to them.

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“What do you take in?”
There are many resources that employees consume and absorb on a regular basis – be it at work or after hours. When a leader understands what his subordinates’ passions are, it will give a pretty good idea about how the individual thinks – it will be a good indication of the work outputs you can hope to expect.

Acting on your findings, you can try to find new resources that can help employees to become more productive and creative at work.

“Who do you surround yourself with?”
Sometimes, new employees will perform well and show strong potential right from the start but as time goes on, their performance wanes as tenured teammates start to have an influence on them. If this situation bothers you and the employee, you can advise them to veer away from their current clique and find people that will influence them for the better.

“Who do you look up to?”
One of the best ways to learn a new skill or technique at work is by observing and connecting with your role models. Where else could employees learn good practices or tried and tested work methods if not from the people who perform well?

When discussing this approach at the meeting, give everyone some guidelines on how to identify the ‘heroes’ and connect with them.

“Do you have an effective work-life balance?”
One of the many reasons that employees get burned out is that work is the only thing that happens in their lives. Do not let this happen; try suggesting that your employees take up a new sport, hobby or any activity that can ease their minds from work during their out of work hours and rest days. As the leader, you should be genuinely concerned whether your employees are living a well-balanced life!

It’s easy to forget how we develop professionally when we are constantly bogged down with too many tasks, assignments and activities. Sure, this makes you more proficient at what you do but it does nothing for your personal professional goals!

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