5 meeting sins to avoid

It is quite hard to break the connotation that all meetings are tedious and time consuming. Although a common perception, the truth is there is actually no such thing as a boring meeting – just meetings that are not well handled

For fruitful meetings that go with a swing, avoid the following meeting faux pas!

Sin #1: Meetings that are way too long

There are no specific rules on how long a meeting needs to go on for; but do remember that every minute spent in meetings not only costs money, it also costs interest! Recent research shows that the longer people spend in meetings, the less attention they are likely to pay.

Try to keep your meetings short and sweet. Fit in every detail that needs to be tackled within a certain time period and while everyone is still at their most attentive – this can increase your audience productivity throughout the entire session.

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Sin #2: Meetings that are too formal

We all know that meetings are meant to be formal and professional – but not to the point that you leave your attendees completely disinterested. Icebreakers can help lift spirits and by encouraging audience participation, you can get everyone involved in the topic of conversation.

Never be afraid to include some humour in your meetings; as this can be a great way to keep everyone’s attention throughout the meeting.

Sin #3: Meetings that lack in authority

Some people don’t take meetings seriously – they come in late, they don’t listen or they become disruptive. Imagine if this carried on throughout the whole meeting… how could you ever pull off a productive gathering?

Leadership is vital! There should always be someone who is commanding enough to lead the meeting in a way that sees the whole team actively taking part and focussed.

Sin #4: Meetings that are held in a dull environment

Leaving the constraints of the office every once-in-a-while can help keep everyone interested. Studies reveal that visually appealing areas can contribute towards our overall productivity.

Sin #5: Meetings that do not take action

Meetings should not really ‘end’ when they finish. They should extend right up until the necessary action has been taken on the agreed decisions. There must always be a ‘what’s next’ scenario – one where you actually keep track of the progress to ensure that the meeting was not a complete waste of time.

Meetings with a purpose are not only productive team gatherings, they are also discussions that are highly respected.

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Posted by Sara Cano


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