5 things to avoid at a meeting

Let’s face it, there are meetings that some people dread. But no matter how disinterested we may feel in that upcoming conference, we must always express absolute professionalism at all costs

Keep in mind the following meeting faux pas to ensure that you remain as productive and receptive as you should be.

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1. Turning up late

Not a very good start! There is a reason why meetings are scheduled in the first place; it gives a firm indication of the time the meeting is due to commence. Can you imagine how much time would be wasted if this was a total free-for-all?

Showing up to a meeting early lets everyone know that you are professional and well-poised. Impress your co-workers by practicing this simple tip at all times.

2. Being technically unprepared

It is your duty as a participant to come 101% prepared. Arrive at the meeting at least 10-15 minutes early to ensure that everything about your presentation is up and ready to go. Remember to organise the most important meeting essentials like documents, laptop battery or flash drive.

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3. Not taking notes

Writing notes is a good way to take down the bullet points of a meeting; and you won’t have to bother anyone else about something that you have forgotten. Aside from the minutes taken by the assigned note-taker (if there is one), it is always worth jotting down your own for personal use.

Notepads come free with our elegant meeting rooms in London – so there will be no excuses!

4. Being too shy to ask questions

If there is something that has been discussed throughout the meeting that concerns you – don’t be shy to ask about it. After all, it is through asking questions that most people learn. Have a fruitful discussion with your group and openly express your thoughts.

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5. Dressing inappropriately

As a professional employee, the proper attire is a must. What you wear reflects who you are so it is vital that you get this right; especially during meetings where you are trying to impress and win a client.

Put your best foot forward and show how much you respect your fellow meeting attendees by taking on board these simple pointers… and remember to practice them at all costs. Not only will they keep your meetings running to time, they will also help you to compose yourself.


Posted by Julie Tucker


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