7 bits of furniture to encourage creativity

If we are what we eat, it’s also becoming increasingly true that we are where we sit. Gone are the days where we are glued to our desktop computers 9-5, afraid to move in case we miss something.

Technology for office workers has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade, so what about furniture? Can you use new kinds of furniture to encourage more creativity during meetings? We look at some innovations in office desks, chairs and contraptions…and a couple of old favourites.


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The Apple inspired Milk desk
This new beauty boasts wonderfully rounded edges totally in synch with all your other gadgets from Apple. It can electronically rise and lower and discreetly conceal cables. It comprises four spacious compartments. How will you use them? Rubbish? Storage? Or perhaps even an aquarium to look at while you’re fishing for inspiration?

Kinnarps’ Multicom horseshoe table with LED lighting
Team-work just got more intriguing with this flexible delight. Fantastic for meeting rooms too. This strong wood-and-steel combo contains optional LED lighting plus front panels made of frosted glass and even drinks holders. Ideal for power, network and multimedia connections. And it looks great.

Korst streamlined metallic accessories
The cynic may say there’s nothing creative about an in-basket or two-tier letter tray. Think again. South Africa-based Korst claims to make an office statement without being overwhelming. Even the most mundane items, such as pen holders have a clean, airy design, are metallic and slimline, and add the “wow!” factor to the more unsung regions of your company.

Smiley face recycling bins
Bins no longer have to be dull – they can join your feng shui offensive too. These were originally made to encourage young school pupils to recycle. But there’s nothing to stop grown-up office workers from feeding them also. Coming in various sizes, the black-and-white smiley bins are simple to use, easy to clean, strong and made totally from recyclables. Going to the bin need never be a mundane experience again, meaning that your creative energy levels uninterrupted. You can pick one up for around £60.

The iced coffee keg 
Joyride coffee distributors have come up with something that will make your office the envy of your competitors. When the temperatures boil in the office, you can stay cool by pulling yourself a glass of draft caffeine – especially ideal for the summer.

White bubble chair
Hanging chairs were all the rage in the 1960s – especially among sci-fi/adventure series. Now they’re back with a new twist. Office style doesn’t get much better than this modernist wonder. Its sleek wheel shell is made from moulded acrylic. The chair, hanging from a stainless steel chain, is perfect for a bit of thinking time away from your desk. Throw in some white upholstered cushions and that eureka! moment will surely only be moments away. They retail at around £900.

Nothing screams formality more than beanbags, taking many office staff back to their infant schooldays. For the ultimate in relaxation, you can create a spontaneous meeting with a few beanbags and a coffee table.


Posted by Julie Tucker



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