Top 7 Tips to Liven Up Your Workshop

More than simple mandatory lectures or presentations, a training session or workshop helps participants to improve productivity within their job, while raising self-awareness for continued development – introducing them to strategies that will help them face new challenges.

Here are some tips that will help you to conduct successful and lively workshops!

Make the topic interesting
More than a theme that the participants will likely anticipate, make sure the topic of the workshop is attention grabbing. As a facilitator, give the attendees an overview of the workshop and ask for ideas or opinions about the agenda so that everyone can participate.

Group discussion

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Be assertive
As a facilitator, you will have to be assertive, as it is your job to guide the participants through the workshop. Approaching remote or shy people first will make the session more productive. However, you should use your assertiveness to initiate participation and stay connected with the audience – don’t go overboard, as this can come across as aggression.

Make the attendees feel valued
Remember that training seminars or workshops are more interactive – unlike meetings. As the audience matters, show them the worth of their attendance in your workshop. Get to know them through discussions, understand the variety of their learning styles and give them the recognition they deserve.

Tell a story and do not memorise
Instead of giving a talk as if you’re reciting a piece given for you to memorise, speak genuinely when you are presenting to show that you mean what you’re saying. As a workshop is not a meeting where you lecture, facilitate a workshop or a training program where the audience can learn through relatability and humour.

Avoid information overload
As a workshop will not be successful if there is too much information for the audience to handle, try to limit yourself to two-hour sessions. If the workshop is likely to extend this timeframe, take breaks to refresh the audience.

A creative touch
To liven up proceedings, include fun and engaging games that will brighten up your program such as puzzles, memory games or other interactive activities that will keep the audience on their toes. During discussions, you can use artistic visuals and fun music to further explain your presentation.

Break convention
Don’t conform to the norm! Training room layouts can affect the moods and attitudes of everyone attending, so get creative and make some changes that will help set the right ambience – like varying the layout of the chairs and tables. This will help to make your training room look more engaging and will liven up proceedings with a refreshing vibe.

With the right amount of passion, preparation and practice, you will be able to conduct the most productive and lively workshops! Choose the perfect location and try one of our training rooms in London! Phone &Meetings on 0800 073 0499 to learn more about our excellent venues and services.


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