8 mind hacks to win over your colleagues during meetings

Check out our mind hacks for the psychological advantage in your meetings

Performing your own psychological experiments can help stir up some fun and excitement in what could otherwise be a dull meeting. By subconsciously manipulating your colleagues through words and gestures, aka ‘mind hacks’, you can enjoy three benefits: it will convince them to agree with your ideas, establish a good image and create a temporary escape from a long, boring session.

It actually only takes a few smart moves to get your colleagues onside. Try these 8 mind hacks to win over your co-workers’ trust:

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Turn your game face on!
When your colleagues throw some questions at you, make sure you hit them with the best answers to prove your greatness. Avoid using fillers as much as possible and deliver your ideas smoothly; this will make you look confident and intelligent, even if your response is not the brightest.

Make use of body language
Your hands make a huge difference. Through hand gestures, your colleagues get to see your eagerness and they feel the gravity of your explanation. Try laying your palms flat against the meeting table, then curl your fingertips downward – this action represents your confidence and it conveys that you mean business.

Plant it in their minds
While you cannot entirely influence your colleagues on the meeting itself, you can use the time prior to the meeting to plant some ideas in their heads. It can be during a casual meal or over a cup of coffee where you can propose your brilliant ideas. You can then use this tactic during the meeting to get them to agree with your points and statements.

Wear a genuine smile
We usually wear a fake smile to hide our negative side; but little did you know, everyone can tell when you’re actually faking it. Rather, display a genuine smile to infect them with your happiness and positivity – they’ll naturally be inclined towards you and your ideas without even realising it.

Practice the right movements
As a professional, avoid erratic and inefficient movements such as looking up and gazing around the room while you consider your answers – as this will only make you look incompetent. Rather, look straight in the eyes of your co-workers and answer with full confidence to win them over – it will make them feel like you’re talking to them personally, even if you aren’t.

Say goodbye to your soft side
Although apologising is a good act to practice, it doesn’t do much good in the corporate setting. Waking your aggressive side is something that stands out in meetings; let them know your capabilities and how strong you can be.

Keep it professional
When someone argues with you in a high tone and a loud voice, go against the flow as much as possible; respond in a low voice and stay calm. This will give them no other choice but to tone down their voice if they want to hear what you have to say.

Help your teammates feel good!
There’s no other better way to win them over than to make them feel happy and satisfied. People who are in a good mood are more likely to appreciate your efforts and be more open to your ideas. If you find your colleagues are stressed, then try to come up with ways to help them cope.

Remember, if you want to win your co-workers over, it is better to be understanding and to lend them a helping hand so that they can accomplish the more challenging tasks. Call &Meetings on 0800 073 0499 and our finest training rooms in London will ensure everyone is in the right frame of mind for a successful meeting!

Posted by Sara Cano


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