Analysing your meeting doodles

From weird faces to neat boxes, what does your idle doodling say about your personality, ambitions and work habits?

If you’re stuck in a dull meeting, with pen and notepad in your hand, the chances are you’ll start doodling to make the time pass quicker.

Various Drawings and Writing on a Yellow Piece of Card

According to the British Institute of Graphology, what you sub-consciously choose to draw reveals a great deal about your personality and mood.

Many people draw variations of the same things, such as houses, flowers, stars and boxes. We take a look at what they say about you.

Face doodles are very revealing about your mood. A well-drawn pleasant-looking face shows you’re optimistic and see the good in others, whereas a weird or ugly face suggests you’re not very trusting or sociable.

You want to be the centre of attention if you draw a funny face, while childish faces suggest neediness. If the mouth on your face is shut, it shows you can be discreet.

Sketching a house is one of the most common doodles, and relates to your security. A neat drawing of a house shows you have a secure home life, while a messy one without windows indicates unhappiness at home. If you draw a solitary house on top of a hill you could be feeling isolated and lonely.

A Person Drawing in Their Notepad (Close-up)


The shape is also important. A tall house reveals ambition, while a wide house shows you’re broadminded and open to ideas. If it’s narrow, you tend to keep your feelings bottled up.

Flowers relate to your family and social circles. Rounded petals with a centre circle suggest a friendly, family-oriented person.

If the centre of your flower is circular but the petals are pointy, you could be hiding a warm heart behind a prickly defensiveness.

If your flowers look cheerful, you’re likely to be sociable, whereas drooping flower heads suggest you’re saddled with anxiety and worry.

Doodles of arrows indicate that you’re an ambitious person targeting a specific goal.

If the arrow is sharp and pointy, the target is probably something to do with work. It could be someone who needs confronting or a promotion you’re targeting.

If the arrow is more fluid and patterned, your target is more likely to be romantically related or something you feel passionate about.

Trees can be very revealing about your feelings. If they’re leafy or rich in fruit, you’re happy with your work-life balance.

If the branches don’t have any leaves, you could be feeling down in the dumps. Chaotic branches can be an indication that you need to regroup and get your life in order.

Ambitious people often draw stars. One big and bold star indicates you’ve got a definite goal in your sights, while lots of little stars show optimism.

Neat, uniform stars suggest you’re good at keeping focused, while asymmetric stars show an energetic personality.

Drawing squares and boxes relates to organisation and planning. A doodle of a simple square indicates you’re thinking through a problem logically to get control of a situation.

If you turn your square into a cube or box, you’re likely to be a very efficient, analytical person who can deal with difficult situations with the minimum amount of fuss.

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