Businesses recognise the value of training programmes

Private sector businesses are continuing to invest significant sums of money in employee training, it has been reported.

According to John Longworth, director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce, UK companies are spending a combined £49 billion a year on staff development.

This is significantly more than the government spends on skills development, he suggested.

Mr Longworth said the investment in training is helping to equip employees with the skills they need to be valuable members of the workforce.

"But it's essential that when young people leave the education system they have at least the basic skills that business needs," Mr Longworth claimed.

Employees need to arrive with adequate numeracy, literacy, professionalism, punctuality and concentration skills, he added.

Crucially, they also need to have the ability to take instruction, Mr Longworth said.

"All of this is so important if business is to flourish and we are going to have the confidence to invest and grow," he added.

Businesses can maximise the value of training programmes by ensuring employees are provided with a suitable learning environment.

The use of specialist training rooms helps equip participants with the tools required for a productive session, while creating the right atmosphere for skills development. 


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