INFOGRAPHIC: Different dress codes for meetings and special events

Infographic illustrating Different dress codes for meetings and special events

What you wear to a meeting is one of the greatest first impressions you could give to people – so it’s important that you dress for success.

Depending on the type of meeting you are attending, the right outfit will differ accordingly. This simple dress code guide will help you to decide on the appropriate look for your upcoming meeting or event:
The easiest dress code, casual is actually a ‘no dress code’ dress code. This is mostly applicable for meetings that are held off site or for team building events. It is totally acceptable to attend in your most comfortable outfit but you should still make the effort to look decently professional – though being a little stylish won’t hurt!
 – Round-neck shirts
 – Jeans
 – Pullovers
 – Hoodies
Smart casual
A combination of casual/ business attire, this is a step forward from casual. Smart casual is usually the basic everyday attire you might wear to work in a corporate setting.
- Blazers
- Smart trousers
- Smart shoes
- Blouses
Business attire
Smart and professional, business attire is most commonly worn by business people or even in the business setting. The customary suit and tie will be worn by men, while work suits will be donned by the ladies – a sophisticated look that is suitable for company meetings.
- Long-sleeves
- Smart trousers
- Smart shoes/heels
- Dresses
- Skirts
Also known as the semi-formal outfit, cocktail dress sits right between business and formal attire. It is commonly worn at corporate events. 
 - Cocktail dress (usually knee length or a little longer)
 – Bow ties
 – Smart shoes or dancing shoes
Black tie / black tie optional
The fanciest dress code of all, the black-tie dress code is also known as formal attire – usually required for events where the company celebrates a great achievement or milestone.
 – Tuxedos
 – Floor-length gowns
 – Smart shoes
Wear the perfect outfit to stand out and get noticed at every corporate meeting/event! Flexible enough to accommodate any type of occasion, why not hold your next event in one of our spacious training rooms in London? Call &Meetings on 0800 073 0499 and we’ll be happy to set things up for you!


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