Employee training can help firms grow and develop

Businesses can improve their chances of success by effectively training their own people, it has been claimed.

According to Business Link, running skills development programmes can improve a company's chances of success and growth.

The advisory service says developing people and improving their skills can increase their productivity and quality of work, helping to improve employee motivation and reduce staff turnover and absenteeism.

Business Link adds that training can also give firms a competitive advantage by increasing customer satisfaction and overall profits.

The service says training helps companies adapt to change and prepare for growth, allowing them to reach new markets overseas.

It adds that, in order to get the most out of training, firms need to ensure their training is linked to business goals and performance, part of a business-wide strategy, and has tangible and obtainable objectives.

Training should focus on helping employees carry out existing tasks more efficiently or to a higher standard, Business Link notes.

And the firm should set out who is responsible for planning, implementation and evaluation, the service advises.


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