Employees have concerns over training quality, study finds

Many employees are unhappy with the extent of the training programmes laid on for them by their employers, a new study has suggested.

Just 28 per cent of employees surveyed by Colmar Brunton and David Forman think they receive work training which is linked to their career development and goals.

And just half believe the training helps them to be more effective in their role.

Around half of those surveyed said they had received technical skill development training in the previous year, but just 17 per cent had been taught about customer service and 12 per cent about sales.

"Both of those statistics are extremely worrying, because sales and customer skills are absolutely crucial aspects of business success," said Olivia Blaylock, managing director at David Forman.

"Whether they recognise it or not, everyone who works for a business is a salesperson, from the CEO to the warehouse operator, or the receptionist."

She claimed it is essential for businesses to provide professional training which is tailored to employees’ needs.

"Continuous learning and skill development is a priority for switched-on employees, and the survey revealed a strong interest from employees in developing leadership, management and personal effectiveness skills," Ms Forman added.

"That is really encouraging and highlights an area businesses should focus investment in."

Posted by Andrew Issott 


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