3 exercises for a perfectly delivered business pitch

Infographic - exercises for a perfectly delivered business pitch

Often the decisive factor that convinces a client to trust in your ideas, strong public speaking skills not only make the delivery of your pitch more believable, they could also open doors to new opportunities. By giving the following exercises a try, expect to land your pitch with a more personable and compelling approach!

Practice with a child
For everyone to understand a proposed concept, it has to be straight to the point and as simple as possible. Through explaining your objectives to a child, you will get used to utilising short and concise phrases. Once a child apprehends the whole point of your message, everyone else should be able to understand your delivery – since kids have less experience of the real world compared with adults.
Listen to yourself
Recording yourself may seem a little awkward at first but learning to be comfortable while listening to you own voice will help you to pinpoint any weak areas of your presentation. By playing a recording of your speech back, this will take you away from the first-person perspective and alert you to mistakes that you might not see through self-assessment. Read at least a page of your speech and keep practicing until everything ins pronounced and expressed as it should be.
Work on your posture
Perhaps more important that you might think, the proper posture will help your pitch go all the way – the way a presenter moves, looks and reacts will determine the sincerity that is demonstrated to the audience. Using non-verbal signals that match your words will increase trust, clarity and rapport. Take the time to practice in front of the mirror, then examine your movements and facial expressions to ensure they are in-sync with your words.
Keep in mind that a perfectly delivered pitch can still be rebuffed; however, the consistent delivery of a speech is always recognised as a job well done. We would love to be a park of you forthcoming events! Call &Meetings on 0800 073 0499 and take a look at our first-rate training rooms in London!

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