Firefighters to gain permanent training room

A local council has ended a 15-year search for a permanent training room for its firefighters, it has been reported.

Illinois-based Pekin City Council voted unanimously in favour of spending several thousand dollars upgrading a changing room at the local swimming room, allowing it to be transformed into a training facility.

The Pekin Fire Department will now be able to use the room for training and other meetings, once partitions, an outside door, lights and flooring have been installed, reports the Pekin Daily Times.

Funding for the project has come from the Foreign Fire Tax Fund, a special tax allowed by state law.

Mayor Laurie Barra explained that the facility had been used as a training room in the past, and its full renovation would provide a development facility for the long term.

Other public departments may also be able to use the facility once it becomes available for use.


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