Housing association benefits from training regime

Hanover Housing Association, which helps plan care for older people looking for retirement properties, has benefited from a thorough training regime.

Executives at the firm wanted to teach staff how to use a complex software package, Adobe Captivate, which is used to create bespoke training courses for new recruits – but prices were prohibitively expensive.

Outsourcing would have costed £6,000 per 30-minutes so a learning and development (L&D) team at Hanover decided to utilise a Charity Learning Consortium session to get used to the program. While costs were still substantial, the savings were huge and what would have otherwise meant an expense of £80,000 instead was cut down to £5,000.

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This scheme landed Hanover’s L&D team an award for “the amazing use of resources”, at the Charity Learning Awards and shows that simple changes to training regimes can really help a company to slash expenditure and improve efficiency.

Andy Lancaster, L&D manager for Hanover, commented: “The Charity Learning Award means so much to the Hanover L&D team who have approached the challenge of creating in-house eLearning with real enthusiasm.

“We have learned so much on the journey – and are continuing to do so – and the award is a brilliant milestone.”

Another great way for companies in the capital looking the cut costs to emulate the success seen at Hanover could be to utilise one of our training rooms in London.

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Posted by Steve Moore


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