How to choose an alternative meeting venue

Where you choose to host your meeting says as much about you as the meeting content itself. Why not spread your wings and choose one of these alternative meeting venues?

Boardrooms are well and good – but sometimes you want a meeting to be a bit different. Why not shake up your usual meeting with a different venue?

With summer coming and the weather improving you could opt to take your meeting outside. Whether it’s a public square, the office gardens or a roof terrace, outside meetings are a breath of fresh air. Remember though that you might need internet access so find somewhere with Wifi or 4G connection. And if there’s no seating, at least make sure you have a blanket.

Perfect for…An end of day catch up after everyone has been stuck in the office all day

Business Colleagues Eating at a Restaurant

Treat your staff or clients with a trip to your local and hold your meeting over a good sized lunch. The pub’s relaxed atmosphere should help attendees become more open and talkative while the good sized food portions will give them plenty of energy for the day. Just make sure no one over does it on the beer.

Perfect for…More social meetings or catch ups

With this rise in remote workers, there’s no reason not to hold a meeting in your home. It may seem like you’re crossing the work/life balance line, but if you’ve got a separate office in your home with enough space, it could provide a nice personal touch for meetings with clients.

Perfect for… Remote workers who want to bring a bit of personality to their work

Airports/train stations
Fitting in a meeting with someone’s schedule can be tricky at the best of times but if they’re travelling it can be even harder. Why not take the meeting to them and meet them at the airport or train station? Things have come on a long way since the rubbish railway cafes of days gone by. And it’ll show them you’re willing to work around their schedule.

Perfect for…Squeezing a meeting in between trips

Two Business People sat on a Small Sofa Looking at a Device

Anywhere with Wifi
To be honest, in this day and age as long as you’ve got Wifi and a mobile phone you can hold a meeting anywhere. Video conferencing and cloud computing mean that you can be in face-to-face contact anywhere and have all your vital documents anytime.

Perfect for…A spur of the moment meeting


Posted by Julie Tucker


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