INFOGRAPHIC: How to Keep Your Meetings on Track

Meetings can go on for hours, in one single direction, without achieving any sort of progression. This can cause the overall flow of the meeting to crumble; killing productivity, as everyone loses interest and focus.

The following tips will ensure that all your meetings stay on the right track!

A guide to the top business meeting etiquette

Control the number of attendees
Don’t just invite everyone in the organisation; remember to make the meeting exclusive to those who should be involved in the discussion. This makes the meeting easier to control – with only a handful of people who are vital to the development of any given agenda.

Start at the scheduled time
Arriving late and starting the meeting after its scheduled time slot is not only impractical but also totally unprofessional.

Meetings should always begin as planned in order to reap the benefits of a well-organised event.

Stick to the meeting / session time limit
Time constraints can be an effective means to keep the attendees conscious of the time; as their mind is set on how to stick to the program – as long as there are no other glitches or unforeseen circumstances.

Manage any unnecessary talking
With noise being a huge factor that disrupts concentration, it is vital to cut down on any unrelated chatter; to ensure that the meeting can focus on topics that require the sole attention of your team.

Make smooth topic transitions
No matter how many topics are up for discussion, always make sure that everyone is on the same page. This will save time that could otherwise be wasted on re-discussing something simply because a single person was not able to understand it fully.

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Posted by Sara Cano


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