INFOGRAPHIC: How to make finance meetings more interesting

Infographic: how to make finance meetings more interesting


When you are presenting numbers at a meeting, with accompanying pie charts, bar charts and line graphs, this can be both overwhelming and dizzying for some attendees. More than this, many will struggle during finance meetings, as accounts related topics can be uninteresting and difficult to comprehend for some.

Fear not, there are ways to conduct a more interesting finance meeting to ensure that your time and energy are well spent!

Present with a clear agenda
When starting a meeting, have a plan and be sure to share it with attendees. Knowing that the meeting has a definite goal will raise the listener’s expectation and keep them on the edge of their seats. To further heighten interest, lay down the structure of your meeting to attendees, as it is also your responsibility to let them know the topics that will be covered and how long the meeting is likely to go on for.

Use visuals
There are many ways to present numerical data but visual aids will add flavour to the meeting – graphic demonstrations are also a great way to avoid boredom and keep your audience interested in your presentation. Remember to avoid poorly-made visuals. Rather, invest in professionally made graphics to maximise audience engagement and to deliver your message more effectively.

Don’t rely on your slides
Do not resort to putting everything on your slides – especially if its financial jargon or numbers that might be nonsensical to your listeners. Keep your presentation simple so that everyone can maintain a clear understanding or use a storytelling technique to grab everyone’s attention.

Don’t hide the numbers
Numbers might well be the reason that attendees lose interest; however, it’s still essential to present them accurately. Instead of merely putting numbers on a spreadsheet, show the meaning of the figures by talking about their significance. Don’t simplify too much by using percentages excessively or by not mentioning numbers at all.

Make it interactive
As you all join forces against boredom, remember that you don’t have to be alone during a presentation. Get everyone’s opinion by asking questions or by playing little games to keep things moving – these don’t just maintain engagement, they also help everyone to retain the necessary information.

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