Infographic: How to maximise small office spaces

how to maximise space in small offices

Small office spaces are synonymous with start-up businesses but they don’t have to be a problem! Our creative solutions can help you to get the best out of those restricted environments.

Getting rid of the clutter should be your first task – as a clean office will boost creativity and relax the mind and body. By organising your office, you can sort the things you still need and dispose of the items you don’t.

Break down the walls
Divisions will only make your office feel more confined. If there’s a way to remove dividers or demolish walls, do so, as open-plan flooring allows a more engaging and collaborative workflow.

Work the lighting
A well-lit office creates the impression of space. Consider using light fixtures with lively colours and add posters and paintings on equally well-lit walls to further brighten the space. You can also decorate the office with pot plants on windowsills for a fresh and airy look.

If you depend on large pieces of equipment or if it is necessary to keep bulk files, it is better to consider investing in a separate storage area to free up the working space in your small office. Using shelves and hooks to hang things on is also a good space saving solution.

Innovate meetings
Meetings are essential in business but if you’re struggling to fit people in one room, consider holding the meeting away from the office.

At the end of the day, space isn’t the deciding factor of a quality office – it’s the people within the office that do a mighty fine job! For the finest day offices and great value meeting rooms that offer ample space for all your conference or training requirements, please call &Meetings now on 0800 073 0499!




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