The Road to Being Lively: How to Make Yourself a Funny Speaker

Every speaker will understand the struggle of keeping their audience focused throughout a lengthy presentation on a dull subject but especially when talking to people with a short attention span.

Make every moment count and capture their minds and hearts from the moment you start speaking, right through to the end.

Although not all presenters are naturally gifted with being engaging and funny on stage, you can still transform your presentation by incorporating these proven techniques:

Small Talk

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Spread a little sunshine
A radiating smile is infectious; wear yours right from the start of the presentation and see how your audience smiles back at you once everyone picks up on your upbeat and positive vibes.

Practice good posture
Adopting a confident posture says a lot about how you would like others to perceive you and it’s a good indication of how you actually feel about yourself. If you feel confident enough to stand in front of your audience, you should be able to deliver the presentation without too much worry.

Start with the right topic
Choosing the right topic is essential. Although there can be times when you do not have the freedom to pick the subject, if you do as much research as possible, you should be able to find some hints or pointers that will help you to inject some humour into your presentation.

Build a strong connection
Don’t just read what’s written on your slide; go much further by getting your audience involved in your speech and letting them feel that they are acknowledged – even if they are only required to listen.

Modulate your voice
Great speakers know how to properly use their voice when presenting; they don’t just simply open their mouths without a purpose. Vary your tone depending on what you’re delivering and learn how to modulate it to suit the setting and ambiance.

Put some effort into your visuals
The visuals you use can be a valuable element that will help you to demonstrate your funny side. Instead of using text-based presentations, make use of good photos, animations or videos to grab their attention.

Make your audience move
It’s a given that your audience will get a little bit bored – and it’s your duty to lift their spirits! You can prepare an ice breaker at the start of the presentation or you can include some short games and exercises in between to awaken their senses.

Use the magic of jokes and stories
Good, ol’ jokes and stories are a fail-safe formula to lighten up the atmosphere. Crack some jokes from time to time and tell some stories (the more personal, the better!) to get them hooked.

Practice makes perfect
There’s nothing that practice cannot help you to successfully achieve. A quick run through with your friends can also make a huge difference. The truth is, great presenters aren’t made; they are moulded. Past and recurring experiences combined have helped them to become the public speakers they are today!

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Posted by Sara Cano

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