How to Make Your Presentations Memorable like a Pro

A truly great presentation isn’t just about how interesting your topic is or how flashy your visuals are – it should also inject some encouragement and expand on the knowledge of the listeners.

At the end of your presentation when you see the attendees being able to recall, repeat and transfer your message, that’s when you can pat yourself on the back and say that you did a good job.

Experienced public speakers have refined their skills when it comes to delivering memorable presentations – but what about the novice and first-time speakers? Here are some helpful tips to make your next (or first!) presentation one they won’t forget:

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Get your shine on
Remember that it’s okay to feel nervous during presentations but learn how to show a fictitious self-assurance – through standing up unconventionally and flashing a nice smile! Always keep in mind the 5Ps (Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance) so that you can be confident that you have everything at hand before you start to address the meeting.

Make a mark when you introduce yourself
As you introduce yourself, your first few words will tell the room a lot – it will give your audience an idea of how you would like your presentation to be remembered. Break the ice by introducing yourself and then let them know why they should pay attention to what you have to say.

Establish strong connections
Building up a rapport with your audience will help to make your presentation memorable. By looking them in the eye and smiling while you present, subtle signals will make your presentation more of a casual conversation rather than a formal talk.

Be easy to reach
With today’s technology, it is possible to ask questions during the presentation through social media – like reading questions from the audience through Twitter. The attendees might also have some follow up questions they may want to ask so leave your blog, website or email address with them so they can reach you even after your presentation has ended.

Tell engaging stories
Try not to be too monotonous; where possible, emotional descriptions should be conveyed in a sensational and engaging way. Involve your audience by sharing a story – personal or based on what you’ve read – and emphasise experiences, obstacles and achievements to exemplify your points.

Rehearse for mastery
Striking appeal is what makes a presentation memorable. As much as possible, try to rehearse beforehand to at least ease your tension and uncertainties – so on the day of the presentation itself, you’ll be more confident.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes
A presentation will be pointless if your audience didn’t understand a word you said. Don’t leave them pondering on anything – clarify any unfamiliar terms and abbreviations that you have mentioned and make sure you are all on the same page.

Oblige your audience
End your presentation by concluding with a remarkable call to action. Inform your audience precisely how they can achieve similar outcomes by sharing the results of your experiences and achievements.

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Posted by Julie Tucker


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