Make sure training sessions ‘are full of enthusiasm’

One of the biggest problems associated with training sessions is a lack of enthusiasm.

Individuals will typically turn up without a clear idea of what information they are about to discuss and this will often mean that these meetings are not as effective as they could be.

This is where a clear agenda can come in useful, as it will act as a guide for individuals about what to expect.

According to Business Week, the best way around this is to make sure the trainer is "enthusiastic and knowledgeable".

People should not shy away from multimedia, as tools such as PowerPoint can be very effective if they are used correctly.

However, individuals should steer clear of repetitive information-based slides, instead introducing some photos or videos to keep attendees' attention.

"Make the experience interactive. Nobody wants to sit through a three-hour lecture. They want to participate in a discussion," the news provider stated.

Posted by Andrew Issot


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