Make the Perfect First Impression with the Best Flexible Meeting Rooms

Everyone knows the value of first impressions and these are especially important within business. Having the right meeting rooms can make all the difference.

There are numerous reasons why you may need to choose meeting rooms London. Perhaps you need a prestigious location to help sell your company and show that you care. If your office space isn’t ideal for a large meeting or it doesn’t sell your business to prospective clients then a meeting room offsite may be preferable. Perhaps your company isn’t based in London but needs to meet a client or colleagues there. Meeting rooms London provide a solution to all these dilemmas.

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There are a variety of meeting rooms London that you can choose from. These are all at well-known locations that are bound to impress with their address alone. They also have additional features that will be ensure the meeting is memorable.

The Royal Exchange is a prestigious address and shows that you take yourself seriously within the business world. A meeting room in this building can be a talking point in itself as one meeting room is actually situated in the former bank vaults.

Fleet Street is another instantly recognisable address in London and the meeting venue here will live up to your expectations and more. As soon as you enter the building a talking point is created as there is a formula 1 car mounted on the wall in the lobby.

If you would prefer a classier, traditional meeting room then the wood panelled boardroom at Threadneedle Street would be ideal.

Once you have decided on your meeting venue then you are faced with extras such as what facilities are in the meeting room. For example if you require flip charts, wifi and a flatscreen TV are these provided? And is there tea and coffee facilities? If you’re travelling to these locations it may be difficult to transport some of these items so all inclusive meeting room options may be more suitable.

&Meetings have considered all these extras and as a result they offer an all-inclusive price so you get use of all the equipment in the room, stationary, teas and coffee and you even get a friendly member of staff to show you and your delegates to the room. If that’s not enough, they can also arrange catering direct to your room.

If you need meeting rooms London then contact &Meetings and see how their comprehensive packages will help ensure you make a great first impression.


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