New training room facility opens in Blackpool

A UK training firm has launched a new training facility in Blackpool.

Intraining, which is based in Sheffield, unveiled the new utility earlier this week (May 6th) and hopes the new location will help workers gain much needed skills.

The training firm has previously used a temporary training centre on the Blackpool's south shore, but some complained it did not have enough space to accommodate the needs of those that relied on the centre for their learning needs, according to the Blackpool Gazette.

Training centres are becoming increasingly important in towns like Blackpool – which has been hit by a sharp rise in unemployment in recent years – with the town's tourism industry suffering from Britons' increasing use of low-cost European package holidays.

Sara Gaskell, business manager for the Blackpool centre, said: "There are some trainers who run courses for the sake of running courses, but we are talking to local businesses to ask them what they really want."


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