Organising a meeting? Check out the top trends for 2014

Holding an effective meeting is no longer simply about having enough chairs for everyone and a few refreshments. Meeting organisers are using all the technologies at their disposal to make meetings as targeted and interesting as possible.

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If you’re planning any meetings in the coming months, take a look at some of the top meeting trends for this year, as compiled by Benchmark Hospitality International.

Speed is of the essence

Superfast wifi is a top priority for anyone booking meetings in 2014, with attendees often having as many as three wireless devices each which they want to connect to the web. Fast and reliable broadband is one of the easiest ways to keep your guests happy.

Healthy snacks

If you are providing snacks or lunch during the meeting, be conscious that many attendees will be looking out for a healthy option rather than carb-heavy sandwiches, pastries and crisps. It’s also becoming increasing popular to offer people a choice of menu either in advance or on the day.

Going social

Social media is becoming an increasing part of meeting culture. By that we don’t mean people are tweeting or updating their Facebook status during the meeting itself, but they are using tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with other attendees and moderators before and after the event.


Motivating and inspiring employees is at the top of many companies’ objectives lists for this year, meaning that teambuilding activities are firmly back on the agenda. Teambuilding exercises can easily be incorporated into meetings and can get proceedings off to a more relaxed start.

Creating an experience

Some people attend hundreds of meetings over the course of a year, so making yours stand out from the crowd could help ensure that attendees are more engaged and the meeting is more productive. According to Benchmark, organisers are increasingly looking for something that will give their meeting the wow factor, whether it’s a unique location, amazing food or pre or post meeting entertainment.

Posted by Ashleigh Sharp

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