INFOGRAPHIC: Quick-Fix Meeting Management Techniques

Quick-Fix Meeting Management Techniques

So, you have successfully gathered everyone in the meeting room and everything seems to be running according to plan. However, midway through problems, confusion and misunderstandings start to rear their ugly head – and you start wondering whether it is a good idea to continue!

With time being of the essence, here are some effective management tips that can help you in the event of a meeting mishap:

#1: Be in control
To control meetings that have gone awry, you must first contain yourself by remaining rational about ideas, suggestions and solutions – otherwise, your emotions may get the better of you and cause you to implement bad decisions. Maintain your integrity and do not resort to being aggressive just to get your point across.

#2: De-escalate situations
At times, you will just have to agree with someone else even if you know you are right. Calmly halt any active opposition and set out another time slot to discuss trying matters further if necessary. This will reduce the tension in the air and relax everyone present at the meeting.

#3: Communicate effectively
Everyone in the meeting must know that effective communication is a give and take process. Learn how to hear every party out, to acknowledge their feelings and to agree on the good points of their argument.

#4: Focus on solutions
When the discussion involves too many people who are all trying to talk at once, zero in on the solutions. Explore realistic options for the most viable solution and ask everyone in the meeting if they agree with your ideas.

#5: Meeting management skills
If you are new to being a manager or point person for meetings, these skills can help you to become more effective at dealing with problems:

• Creativity and problem solving – will help you to find innovative ways to work around a problem
• Conflict management – helps you to handle opposing sides and find a middle ground during meetings
• Communication – helps you to express your ideas more effectively
• Negotiation – helps you to ‘seal the deal’ with people, especially when involving business matters
• Self-awareness – will help you to keep your own self in check so that you always have the best interests of the business in mind

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Quick-Fix Meeting Management Techniques

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