The right way to take down meeting minutes

Taking notes or ‘the minutes’ is essential to every meeting. Commonly, the assigned person will take responsibility for the distribution of these notes to the participants after the meeting is over.

To have your own reference in a way in which you can better understand it might be better for you to make your own notes.

Man Working on Laptop Writing Into a Notebook

Why take meeting minutes?
– Meeting minutes are important as they serve as a guide and provide a detailed starting point for the next meeting.
– They can help the whole team to understand what is assigned and to whom.

How to take meeting minutes

Handwritten or typewritten?
We are in the 21st century and some people may prefer typing rather than writing. Writing using notepads and pens is still the best option to take down notes. In addition, training rooms in London provide these things, so make use of them. Typing can be a noisy process that may distract meeting participants and laptops may tempt some to do other stuff.

Key information
It is not necessary to write down every word you hear. Focus on the topic and the important matters. You can use some keywords that can help you remember the entire topic. Use abbreviations, acronyms and initials for fast writing. Also, make sure you write down anything that the team has agreed on.

People in a Meeting Writing in Books

Make a final copy
After the meeting, type the written minutes on the laptop making it neat and presentable. From this copy make a calendar activity of all the tasks, including the deadlines, to keep everyone updated. You may also distribute or share your copy with other participants.

(Note: Do not throw away the original copy of the minutes. Compile and store it properly for backup purposes just in case the digital copy gets lost).




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