Run great training sessions using specialist facilities

How can businesses encourage their employees to fully concentrate during training sessions and make the most of development opportunities?

Sometimes it can be difficult to engage employees and motivate them to play an active role in training – particularly where people are busy and facing time pressures.

Very often, workers would rather be getting on with their jobs, rather than taking an hour out to do something unrelated, albeit beneficial.

One way employers can encourage employees to 'buy in' to essential training is to remove them from their normal place of work for a short period of time.

By hiring a specialist training facility and taking people off-site, managers may be able to demonstrate the importance of the exercise.

Employees may be more inclined to play an active role in the training, given the additional effort the company has gone to.

And from a practical point of view, the use of off-premise training rooms may give companies – particularly small firms – access to facilities they do not have on their own premises.

These include more advanced IT solutions, projectors and conferencing technology, which can help firms deliver high-quality training which can have a positive impact on employee performance in the workplace.

Posted by Steve Moore


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