Specialist training rooms ‘optimise the learning experience’

As businesses look to equip employees with the skills they need to make a positive difference, training is a vital weapon in their armoury.

Relatively few workers join a company with the full range of skills and experiences they need to do their job, hence it is important that firms offer professional development opportunities.

By training their staff, they can begin to engrain company culture into new starters, and give them a greater understanding of how the business operates on a day-to-day basis.

However, training is only valuable if the information directed at participants is presented in such a way that it sticks with the individual.

All too often, poorly planned development programmes simply leave workers confused and frustrated – and in no better place to carry out their daily important duties.

It is crucial for employees to meticulously plan development sessions, thinking carefully about content, delivery, format and location.

The latter is a relevant point, as the choice of location for training delivery can impact on employee attitudes towards the sessions, the extent they are able to concentrate, the quality of delivery and ultimately the amount that participants learn.

Rather than attempting to run training sessions in busy, crowded offices, or in the same office environment employees spend each day, businesses should consider using specialist training rooms for their development sessions.

Taking employees out of their normal surroundings and into a facility designed with training in mind should help demonstrate the importance placed by the company on the session.

As such, participants may be more likely to fully concentrate and engage with the process, enabling them to derive maximum benefit and the company to receive value for money.

Each year, companies and organisations spend significant sums on training schemes in a bid to ensure their people are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to make a difference.

And spending a little more on training facilities – in order to create a professional learning environment suited to the task in hand – may prove to be well worth the additional investment.

Posted by Steve Moore 


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