Take care with Powerpoint, professionals urged

Powerpoint can be a helpful tool when delivering presentations in business meetings, but it can also hamper organic discussions in the boardroom.

This is the view of tech commentator Tom Conneally, who noted that the program is "a good tool" when one person has to present an idea to many viewers.

But writing for Betanews, he suggested that Powerpoint can come to be regarded as "a common illness" among face-to-face meetings.

Mr Conneally said it is "absolutely lousy" when it comes to facilitating an interactive discussion.

"If the presenter highlights a point in his slide deck that one of the participants could elaborate upon with data or slides of his own, there's really nothing the participant could do short of disrupting the presentation and starting his own," he added.

So when delivering a presentation, professionals need to think carefully about the content they are discussing.

If it is full of moot points, they may wish to find a way of communicating their ideas that is more agile and flexible – even if this means seeking non-IT alternatives.

Posted by Andrew Issott


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