Training ‘is important for business directors’

Training can prove "very helpful" for building both legal and non-legal skills among company directors, it has been claimed.

According to Business Link, it is crucial that executives are aware of their responsibilities, and equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to carry them out.

The advisory service notes that industry bodies run development courses produced by directors for directors, and these can help bring new executives up to speed.

Business leaders may also wish to provide in-house training for recruits and newly-promoted staff, tailored towards the needs of the specific company.

For such session, professional training rooms – fully equipped with the latest technology solutions – may be of use to growing companies.

Business Link explains that the statutory duties of directors are outlined in the Companies Act 2006.

"This formally sets out the obligations of company directors and includes the duty to promote the success of the company and in doing so to consider the wider factors such as the environment and the community," the body says.

"There are also non-legal obligations for directors, such as the requirements to form strategy and to manage your team well, which are necessary to ensure your business succeeds."

Posted by Andrew Issott


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