Training must suit employees’ needs, says Business Link

Businesses need to think carefully about the content of their professional development sessions, it has been claimed.

Booking out training rooms is only the first part of this process – companies need to ensure they plan exercises which help employees learn and improve their skills.

According to Business Link, firms need to match their training to employees' learning preferences.

The advisory service said this can help employees speed up their learning and reduce their training costs.

"For the purposes of training at work, people's preferred learning methods can be broadly divided into active and passive types," Business Link noted.

The service said that active ways of learning include using initiative, doing, exploring and testing.

"Employees who prefer active ways of learning would benefit from e-learning, coaching, project work, individual workshops, simulation, mentoring, open learning, quality competitions and group workshops," Business Link stated.

It noted that more passive ways of learning include observing, questioning, interpreting and reviewing.

"Employees who prefer passive ways of learning would benefit from job shadowing, induction, seminars, networking and evening classes," Business Link said.

Posted by Renata Korczyk


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