Training ‘vital for all business employees’

Training is vital for people in business, from executives right down to new recruits, it has been claimed.

Al Bird, consultancy director at KnowledgePool, said all companies should look on training as "essential" to guaranteeing long term sustainability.

"They need to stay up to date with skills and ahead of trends," he told the Financial Times.

"Training helps people to do their job better: it builds skills and knowledge, develops talent, and boosts productivity – plus the positive effects it has on motivation and retaining talented people."

However, Mr Bird warned that many companies fail to get their training provision right.

"Some companies are so focused on providing a certain amount of training for each employee that they forget to ensure its effectiveness," he noted.

Mr Bird said that if a course is irrelevant for an employee, not only is the cost wasted, but the company loses working time.

This means companies need to ensure both the content and delivery – ideally in specific training rooms – is up to scratch.

Posted by Andrew Issott


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