US and North Korea “conduct secret meeting”

The US and North Korea are said to have held a secret meeting days before the North’s latest round of threats and provocation.

According to a source, a top representative of the North Korean government met with a US State Department official in New York in March of this year.

The source described the meeting as part of a regular series of exchanges between the two countries, known in diplomatic circles as the “New York Channel”.

It is apparently seen as a way for the two countries to communicate and pass messages between Washington and the North Korean capital Pyongyang in the absence of normal relations.

White House spokesman Jay Carney told CNN that the US has a “channel of communications with the North Koreans, and we utilise that channel”.

According to the source, no real headway was made during the secret meeting in March and no offers were made between the two countries.

Posted by Andrew Issott


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