What can you use training rooms for?

Training rooms remain one of the most popular services we offer here at &Meetings, but what exactly can you use them for?

Many businesses are confused as to why they should shell out the (relatively small) amount of cash needed to book a training room in London and so we have compiled a list of the best ways of using our facilities.

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Corporate strategy

It sounds boring and, to an extent, it is boring. But the fact is that all businesses, from SMEs with 30 employees to international conglomerates with 50,000 staff members, need to align their aims and train executives to carry out new strategies.

While this can be approached on an ad hoc basis, it is often beneficial for companies to thoroughly outline their positions to the upper echelons of management through a day-long training schedule.

But why not simply do this in the office? Surely it’s more effective that way?

This simply isn’t true. Offices are full of distractions and the importance of the change in corporate strategy being implemented may be lessened in the eyes of attendees if a normal boardroom is used.

For example, if a client is unhappy – but can wait until the next day to be approached by executives who want to resolve the situation – the tendency for uninvited employees might be to interrupt the training session as the immediacy of resolving the problem might seem more important in their eyes.

But while client relations are vital for any company, it is likely missing out on one,or even half a day, of regular office life won’t hurt too much in the long run.

This certainly can’t be said for a botched or misunderstood corporate realignment, which could cost millions of pounds and threaten even the healthiest firm’s bank balance.

New recruits

What better way to introduce new recruits to your company than by spending the money to take them to one of our plush training rooms.

But as anyone will know in the business world, fresh starters are far from the finished product and will normally need an extensive training and skill-boosting programme to help them reach the standards needed to get on with the role they have been given.

Our suites all come with top-of-the-range LCD TVs and audio visual equipment – meaning you can hook up your laptop, tablet, or even smartphone to our screen in order to more effectively explain a flow diagram, customer service arrangement, or whatever else it is you need to teach the new recruit.

Away days

It can often be refreshing to take some time to get you and your employees out of the office and down to the capital for a few days of training and fun.

Booking a few hotel rooms and arranging for a training session in one of our suites, as well as dealing with travel costs, could seem expensive, but when compared to the cost of hiring new starters in order to combat higher turnover, it isn’t really that big of an expense.

The fact is, we all like to feel special and if you put on a training trip to London for your personnel then they will likely reward you with a more focused work ethic and improved engagement. Not bad eh!

Smaller SMEs

The banner of being an SME is relatively broad and according to technical specifications outlined by the World Bank, even a company with ten employees can be put into this category – although they may in fact think of themselves as a small company or a startup.

But even these kind of firms need to hold training sessions.

Being a smaller enterprise doesn’t make strategy, planning or compliance any less important and it is absolutely vital that micro-businesses’ employees are unified if a new revamp or restructuring programme is put in place.

However, in these types of firms space is a real issue. If, say, you run a cupcake making business that has 11 members of staff, but are only based in an industrial kitchen with a small two-desk office – where should you hold a training session to instruct personnel about a big change in the way they go about their day-to-day business?

Holding this kind of important training next to an oven is certainly a poor idea, so it might be better to invest in one of our training rooms and offer a professional environment in which to improve your workers’ skills.

Training rooms the &Meetings way

Training rooms, as outlined in this blog post, are undoubtedly an excellent utility to organise important changes in your company’s structure and can handily deal with the needs of new recruits.

But why pick &Meetings?

Well, we offer an all-inclusive service that leaves the rest in the dust. You don’t need to pay for snacks, coffee, water, internet or any other facilities – just turn up and get going.

And with hourly rates to suit your need, we think we’re the best option for your training room solutions in London.

Book now to avoid disappointment!


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