Where should you book your meeting rooms London?

The location of your meeting is critical to your success so it’s really important that you book your London meeting rooms while considering where will be easiest for people to get to. Bear in mind that many people will need to travel to the meeting from further afield, so getting the location correct is really important and will save them considerable time and hassle.

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Here’s our guide to finding the perfect location for your meeting rooms London – read on to find out more.

Bear in mind transport links

Your delegates will appreciate you holding the meeting somewhere that is easy to get to and this means making sure you are near a main train station. Kings Cross, Euston and Paddington are all great stations to be near, and if you can’t get really close then at least make sure there is a tube station nearby. The closer you can get to a main station the better and you will find that far more people are able to make the meeting.

Consider local amenities

Delegates will also appreciate attending a meeting in a location where they can get easy access to a wide range of shops, restaurants and banks. When choosing your meeting room, opt for a central and vibrant place that offers a lot of amenities close by. This will make everyone far happier to travel to the meeting as they can take advantage of all the local resources while they are there.

Consider accommodation

Those that are travelling from further afield will need to look into accommodation options so it’s a really good idea to find a meeting room in London that is close to top quality hotels. It is a good idea to circulate details of the nearby accommodation so that delegates can book in advance.

Booking London meeting rooms can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the local knowledge, however luckily the experts are on hand to talk you through the process and help you find the perfect location. &Meetings have an enviable selection of meeting rooms available throughout the capital and will be delighted to help you find the ideal location for your meeting. They can also help you plan catering as well as advise you on local facilities and amenities in the area.


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