Why you need a day office

Whether you’re simply passing through, in town for a meeting or can’t use your regular office for the day, a day office is a great option

As the business world becomes more geographically spread – thanks to the ability of people to work remotely and the growth in online businesses – you may find yourself having meetings hundreds of miles from your office.

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In these situations, you need to make sure that you can work in any location.

This is where day offices – shared offices you can rent for a day or by the hour – come in.

Everything you need from an office

The beauty of a day office is that you get all the amenities and extras you’d have in your own office. You could work in a café, but what if you need to print out vital documents, make private phone calls or skype chat with someone?

Great place to host a meeting

If you’re in the city for meeting it’s worth looking at making the most of your travels by pencilling in further meetings. Day offices mean you can do this, offering a professional venue to host your clients in.

Get work done without distractions

Working remotely has plenty of challenges, with distractions being one of the main ones. Whether you’re working at home, from a café or in a library, there are always going to be things taking your attention from the job at hand. The beauty of a day office is that you can focus on actually getting some work done – especially as everyone around you will also be working hard.

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Don’t have to worry about train times

Trying to plan transport around a meeting can be a bit of a nightmare. You will always need to give a bit of leeway for delays in trains or the meeting. But if your train gets in on time or your meeting actually finishes when it’s supposed to, you could be faced with dead time. With a day office you can simply pop in and get work done until you need to leave for your train or meeting.

Meet likeminded people

Day offices are also a great place for networking. Likeminded people will be working alongside you, so why not strike up a quick chat at over coffee?

Stay connected

With our Virtual Desktops you can get secure access to your company’s network, instead of risking security breaches by accessing it over an open Wifi networking in public.


Posted by Ashleigh Sharp


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