INFOGRAPHIC: 10 commandments of the modern meeting

Are you aware that you might be committing some modern meeting sins? Here’s what to do and what not to do during meetings.

10 Commandments of the Modern Meeting

1. Thou shalt not be late
It’s your job to know where the meeting will be held, whether it’s in your office building or in meeting rooms near to your office location. Make sure you leave yourself with ample time to get to the meeting. Being late is not an option!

2. Thou shalt not wear inappropriate clothing for the meeting
Be presentable!

3. Thou shalt not be unprepared and clueless of what is happening
Familiarise yourself with the agenda of the meeting. Do your homework and conduct some research in advance.

4. Thou shalt not slouch
It’s a sign of disrespect and lack of interest in the meeting.

5. Thou shalt not eat unless its break time.
The smell of food and the act of eating can actually distract some of the delegates.

6. Thou shalt not use your mobile phone
It is rude to talk or text someone else while the meeting is in full swing.

7. Thou shalt not conduct side conversations when someone else is speaking
Distracting to the presenter or moderator, it could further delay the entire meeting agenda.

8. Thou shall engage in discussions
Share your ideas. You are there for a purpose.

9. Thou shalt not ask unnecessary questions
Ask the right questions at the right moment, so as not to waste the allotted time for the meeting.

10. Thou shall say ‘thank you’ and be grateful to everyone who came
This shows that you value the attendance of each delegate.

Remember these golden rules and you will surely enjoy a successful meeting!

Posted by Sara Cano

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