2016 Trends to Achieve More Effective Meetings

Meetings are the perfect opportunity to share information, while helping to strengthen communications amongst colleagues. According to BVEP, conferences and meetings were 2014’s biggest contributing sectors in the UK’s event industry

Several trends and strategies have emerged in recent years with a view to increasing the effectiveness of a meeting. Here is a look at what’s in store for this year:

Increased Participant Involvement

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Don’t just gather people in a room and make them listen to what you have to say; meetings today should be more of an ‘engaging’ experience.

The moment a participant confirms that they will be attending a meeting is when the interaction should start to kick in; pre, during and post-engagements will ensure that communication exists outside of the meeting itself, while contributing towards a healthy relationship throughout the actual meeting.

Maintain Content Relevancy

If you are the organiser, it is important to consider how relevant an event or meeting is to the people invited to ensure active involvement from the participants. Content marketing is just one of the sure-fire ways to guarantee an effective meeting.

Emphasising the benefits that participants could get from attending can encourage them to be more involved in the event. They could share their own experiences and understanding to contribute towards key solutions.

As the organiser, you will need to keep your content aligned to the organisation you are holding the meeting or event for; best to inform the attendees beforehand to justify your reasons for inviting them.

Bespoke Meeting Venues

Don’t limit your meetings to the four walls of the company; bespoke meeting venues are now an emerging trend. Offsite locations are available all over the UK and you can now choose from different meeting room types, sizes and interior designs.

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For purpose-built meeting rooms in London, &Meetings provides meeting facilities that can accommodate up to 100 people. You can also choose from our wide range of layouts and arrangements.

&Meetings also provides complimentary extras that include tea, coffee, notepads and pens and delegates are welcome to use the Wi-Fi, TVs and projectors at no extra charge.

Remember, the success of a meeting will often hinge on your approach.

Posted by Sara Cano



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