INFOGRAPHIC: 4 alternative ways to start a meeting

4 Alternative Ways to Start a Meeting

The first few minutes of a meeting can be crucial as this is when the overall mood will be set. Starting off on the wrong foot can lead to losing the attention of your colleagues or business associates – resulting in less audience participation.

To really get things going, try spicing up your next meeting with these useful ideas:

Open with an inspiring thought for the day
Motivational quotes can really work with the right type of audience; they can have a huge positive impact. Instead of moving on directly to your presentation, try to begin with an inspirational thought on which the attendees can sit and ponder!

Let a guest speaker start
Give them a surprise by inviting a prominent guest speaker; someone who is relevant to your meeting’s overall agenda. You may also ask your guest to open the meeting with their own success story or by sharing their advice with the attendees.

Share a relevant incident
You could also begin with a story about a recent event that is in keeping with your company and/or relevant to your services – make sure it is relatable with your audience, as this could potentially start the ball rolling with a meaningful discussion.

Tell a relatable story
Storytelling is a great way to build an emotional connection with your attendees; it will grab them mind, body and soul.


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