4 helpful mobile apps that you can use in your meetings

Labelled as a ‘smartphone society’, 60% of mobile phone users in the UK own a smartphone. This is probably because almost everything can be done through different mobile applications.

One of the best ways to make use of mobile apps is by using them in company meetings. From schedulers to whiteboard substitutes, these 4 apps can be invaluable:

Doodle: For Scheduling Meetings
Free for Standard Doodle; £49/year for Premium Doodle for Businesses – available on iOS and Android

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Doodle makes meeting schedules a lot easier. Just set up a poll of your proposed times and simply invite the attendees to the scheduled event; they can vote for the most convenient time.

Keynote: For Business Presentations
‎£7.99 for a one-time in-app purchase – available only on iOS

Keynote allows you to create appealing presentations with ease. It has creative tools that can be useful for editing your presentations, such as:

 – Transitions
 – Charts
 – Reflections
 – Picture Frames
 – Animations
 – Themes

The good thing about Keynote is that you can save a presentation as a Microsoft PowerPoint file. You don’t have to worry about compatibility, even if other apps are going to be used to open your presentation.

Google Drive: For Storing Everyone’s Files
Free – available on iOS and Android

Keep all your attendees’ presentations in one location with Google Drive. This app helps you to avoid the hassle of setting up different gadgets over and over again – especially when multiple participants are presenting.

Simply set up a shared folder using Google Drive. Share the folder to the attendees and invite them to upload their presentations. During the actual meeting, you can just use one smartphone or tablet to access all presentations.

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Explain Everything: For Electronic Interactive Whiteboard
£4.49 for a one-time in-app purchase – available only on iOS

When a black marker is not enough to present your points, Explain Everything can do it for you. It serves as an electronic whiteboard that lets you choose between a marker and a pen with extensive colour choices. You can even record a video while using it! Just connect your iPad to a projector and use Explain Everything to discuss points more creatively.

Organising and conducting meetings might be a little stressful but these mobile apps can actually help to make things a little easier.

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Posted by Ashleigh Sharp

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