5 Growth Mindset Tricks for Meetings

Most meetings are held to discuss solutions and strategies for team objectives and problems – but they shouldn’t be.

As team members get too focused on solving company problems, their career growth and development is being overlooked. This can lead to a fixed mindset that may cause people to hit career growth plateaus – effectively stopping them from maximising on their potential.

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Wouldn’t meetings be a whole lot better if we combined the achieving of business goals with personal growth for every employee? These tips can help change the way you think about business meetings:

Trust the team, trust the process
It is perhaps inevitable that you will doubt yourself and everyone in the meeting every once in a while, especially if the set tasks are just too overwhelming. You might even ask yourselves, “Can we really do this? Can we beat the deadline?” The list of questions could go on and on and you might find the team losing confidence in their own abilities.

Shut those ideas off and rather tell your team that, “we can do it!” Cliché as it may seem, sometimes that is exactly what the team needs to believe. Chip at the problem little by little and trust that the team will eventually complete the objective – this is how an effective system works.

Always look at the brighter side
Negativity only stunts the whole team’s growth. So, whenever the team discusses hindrances and obstacles or even failures, do not succumb to it right away. Always look at it with fresh eyes. Every failure is an opportunity and the whole team must see it that way.

If you are the manager or leader of a project, try your best to uplift everyone’s spirits – even in the face of adversity.

Be realistic
Don’t jump the gun just because of a ‘minor’ team achievement. There can be instances that the team might set objectives that aren’t attainable – to everyone’s level. As the team gains some wins here and there, you can slowly build up that confidence to aim for higher goals!

Mental workout
Bodybuilders and athletes train almost every day to grow stronger and stronger – and the same must be done with our brains. Incorporate some short mind-challenging activities during meetings to exercise their mind. This will get the team primed and ready to solve the toughest business problems.

There is always a reason to celebrate
The team does not have to achieve something crazily big to celebrate. During meetings, point out small accomplishments and remind everyone that they are beneficial for learning. You can say something like, “we should feel good about ourselves because we achieved this much. We finished this task in record time!” Through these simple acknowledgments, you can help everyone to develop a mindset of growing, learning and satisfaction.

Developing the team’s demeanour during meetings will help everyone to view challenges as a fun and learning experience. Things might well get tough along the way but if you maintain the right mindset, you will keep everyone going and succeeding. Call 0800 073 0499 and get everyone on the same page in any of our meeting rooms in London!

Posted by Sara Cano

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