5 techniques that can help you to become an effective listener

Having a hard time staying attentive in your meetings? Learn how you can effectively polish up on your listening skills!

Most of our time is spent verbally communicating with other people – be it attending a meeting, ordering at a restaurant or simply answering a phone call… it all requires adequate communication skills; ensuring that what you have discussed has been fully understood by everyone involved in the conversation.

Just like any other skill, good listening takes a lot of practice. Here are some helpful techniques which might help to further enhance your attentiveness:

1. Maintain eye contact

Good listening skills start by establishing that you are now ready and interested to listen. Sincere eye contact with the speaker is one of the best ways to demonstrate this – as it can show that they have your full attention when they speak.

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2. Do not change the subject

It’s good to voice your thoughts every once in a while but make sure that they are relevant to the main point of discussion. Do not change the topic by simply asking an abrupt question or by raising concerns that are far removed from the matter in hand.

3. Take notes

Jotting down notes not only provides you with a precise record of what has been talked about; it also boosts your active listening skills. Recent research shows that taking notes by hand can help you to remember conceptual information in the longer term! So better go for longhand note taking rather than using your tech savvy gadgets.

4. Respond through nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication is just as important as its verbal counterpart – facial expressions, body language and the tone of the voice all contribute to how enthusiastic you are as a listener. Smiling and nodding also shows that you are open and interested, while sitting with your legs crossed and rolling the eyes can imply that you are passive and uncomfortable.

5. Empathise with the speaker

Most importantly, learn how to put yourself in the speaker’s shoes – just because you have your own point of view does not mean that you should not be open to other strategies and objectives. Always keep your mind open when listening to others’ ideas, feelings and emotions. Through this, you will gain a deeper and fuller understanding of the subject from all points of view!

An effective meeting attendee knows how to communicate — may it be through words or actions. Aside from good listening skills, team discussions are best achieved in quality meeting rooms in London!

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Posted by Julie Tucker

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