5 things to consider for a digital presentation

From tablet to laptop, we look at the tools and tips for a perfect digital presentation.

Whether you’re providing training, presenting your product to new clients or updating your colleagues on the latest sales figures, running a presentation has moved on from an over-sized pad and marker pen.

We look at the tech you might need for the perfect digital presentation.

The Device – Laptop or tablet?
As laptops get lighter and more portable, in the business world their storage, RAM and processing power could make them the right option for your presentation. However, tablets are also making advances in terms of running speed and they are super-portable, meaning you can easily transport your presentation and fine tune it, wherever, whenever.

Man Giving Presentation with Projected Graph Behind him

The Screen – Monitor or projector?
This very much depends on your office, but it’s worth checking the screen out beforehand to see if it is suitable for your needs and is compatible with your chosen device. A monitor or TV offers great, sharp colours but can be limited in size. If you’re using a projector, you might need to adjust the lighting to get the sharpest images.

The Sound – Speakers and conferencing calling
While your presentation might not include a soundtrack or any effects, you might need a mic and speakers to boost your own voice if you’re speaking to a large room. Again, check the venue beforehand to see if your voice can reach the furthest corners. You might also want to investigate conferencing calling abilities in the office for people who are not able to attend in person.

The Connection – Wifi, Bluetooth or cables?
How will you be connecting your laptop or tablet to the screen or projector?  For cable connections, you might need to bring your own. If you’re using a tablet, it might not be possible to connect via cables, so this needs to be checked. Otherwise, Bluetooth and Wifi can be used for a lot of modern projectors and TV through screen mirroring software.

The software – PowerPoint or other apps?
PowerPoint is still the go-to option for most presentations but there are alternatives on the market. Apps like PowToon, Prezi and Keynote offer an alternative take on presentations. With these you can have non-linear presentations which zoom in to slides, time slides so you can spend longer on important ones and use animated characters to make it come alive.

Posted by Ashleigh Sharp

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