5 Tips to Make the Most Out of Teamwork

Making the effort as a team is vital to successfully accomplishing a task and getting ahead of your competitors. Typically comprising of various personalities, a team with enough support and management can achieve amazing results and succeed in whatever opportunity throws at them.

Here are our five pointers to more productive teamwork:

Group High Fives

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Set your goals straight
Each member of the team must be familiar with their overall mission. They must consider the bigger picture and have a clear direction to ensure they are on track and in touch with the group. As the team leader or superior, you can assign specific tasks so that everyone can contribute individually – as finishing tasks in smaller units can help strengthen results as a whole.

Embrace diversity
A diverse group will usually bring to the table a range of different personalities that come from various cultures, races and work experiences. Although everyone will have their own distinct ways to get things done, their unique set of abilities can be a huge advantage to the group. Once these attributes come together, the team can build a powerful party that can achieve record-breaking feats.

Create a policy
Team members feel a sense of belonging and a deeper commitment when they have guidelines to follow. Since standard protocols help eliminate conflict and prevent members from taking sides, it can be a great means to get the team running smoothly.

This type of arrangement can also ease the workflow, while helping to maintain cohesion within the group.

Build trust
Just like in any kind of relationship, trust among the team is also built upon open, honest and respectful communication. It must be present among the team members to encourage everyone to express their own views and opinions. If these skilled people realise they can be heard and understood, they will eventually break down their barriers to share innovative ideas and be comfortable enough to speak up.

Having trust among the team will also encourage them to take reasonable risks to communicate, advocate positions and take actions in a creative environment.

Assign a qualified leader
Undoubtedly the most demanding role in the team, a leader must represent the whole group requires not only charisma, but also requires undeniable wit and intelligence. The following qualities should also be considered when looking for an efficient leader:

  • Provider of solutions
    When put under pressure, a leader must be able to come up with effective solutions immediately – as it is during pressurised situations that evaluation skills are put to the test. If things get worse, the leader must take responsibility for the whole team. On the other hand, they should practice humility and share all the praise with the rest of the team when things work out.
  • Good communicator
    More than being an impeccable problem solver, a great leader must also be a good communicator. As the one responsible for keeping the communication alive amongst the team, the leader must have the ability to explain issues and ideas clearly, not just to employees but perhaps more importantly to clients and stakeholders.
  • A motivator in nature
    Last but not the least, a true leader inspires their team. They will motivate the team to be enthusiastic and see everyone’s strengths instead of their weaknesses. As the leader, you should also regularly acknowledge and recognise the efforts of your team to fuel their confidence and further boost teamwork.

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Posted by Sara Cano

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